C1000 Supermarkets

C1000 promo

C1000 promo

Business Consultant

Tooling: Brandmaker MRM solution


C1000 Marketing (department promotion (actie communicatie)). C1000 was een Nederlandse supermarktorganisatie, die zich positioneerde in het middensegment van de supermarktbranche. De winkelformule was eigendom van Schuitema, dat in 2010 zijn naam veranderde in C1000 BV. In 2012 werd het bedrijf verkocht aan Jumbo Supermarkten.


C1000 wanted to have differentiated promotion activities. Per region in the Netherlands they wanted to have their unique price lines. To be able to facilitate this with promo material it was no longer possible to manage this using spreadsheets. Therefore a solution needed to be found to automate the brochure creation process.


To be able to come up with a suitable solution the process of brochure creation needed to be redesigned. Based on the defined processes a tool selection process was started. The market of Marketing Resource Management is a very quickly changing market. The main driver is the reduction of costs in creating brochures and catalogues. After the selection the chosen tool Brandmaker was implemented.


An implemented technical environment (Brandmaker) so marketeers were able to produce their weekly brochures in an semi-automated way.