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Chris Jobse

Chris Jobse

Data is my world. My history with data goes back to the late 80’s. I’ve seen it all change and on the other hand a lot stayed the same. One of the most important issues is the integrity and consistency of data. As technical environment grew and became more complex this is still the the key in data management.

As a senior Product Information Expert I am advising customers to organise their data in the most efficient way to serve their OmniChannel goals.

In 2020 we founded Pimvendors is a group of specialists in Product Information Management.


I am an expert in optimizing business processes and advising the management to implement the right processes and tooling to support their processes. I supported companies in several product data related RFI and RFP projects. I have a great knowledge of the eCommerce/PIM (Product Information Management) and MRM (Marketing Resource Management) field. PIM makes it possible to organize all marketing activities from one central point of control.

I am very experienced in the retail world. My customers are the most innovative retailers in the Netherlands and Europe. Amongst them are Staples Europe, Ahold, Maxeda, C1000, PLUS supermarkten,  Loyalty Management Netherlands.



As a kid I was already engaged in the retail branche. It caught my interest and that never stopped. The retail marked is a very dynamic one. This makes it so interesting to be a part if it.


As of 1999 I am working in the field of eCommerce. Starting of with until my current engagements, product data was and remains key.


The development of the eCommerce landscape is a continuous process. The professional environments becoming more mature. Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) systems have established their position within the OmniChannel environment.


Now and then there is a need to help customers with some web development or Wordpress implementation. Though it is not my core business I can help my customers with these kind of requests.