Emesa – Vakantieveilingen



Omni-channel Architect


Emesa is an international e-commerce company based in the Netherlands. It is mainly known from the VakantieVeilingen brand. In addition, there are brands such as ActievandeDag, TicketScout and VavaBid. These brands are sales channels for companies from among others the leisure and travel world. In the Netherlands, Emesa is the market leader in the field of leisure and e-commerce. For example, VakantieVeilingen would be visited about 7 million times a month.


EMESA is a fast growing company. Because of the ambition of EMESA to grow further, it was needed to have a newly designed ecommerce architecture.


  • Setting up new information architectural landscape
  • Advising in tooling to be applied (including interfaces)
  • Setting up the roadmap to implement the new architecture roadmap to implement the new architecture