Staples Europe

Staples Europe

Staples Europe

Head of Content department a.i.

Tooling: Stibo/STEP


Staples is the world’s largest office products company and the third largest internet retailer, offering everything your business needs to succeed. Staples has wholly-owned operations across 21 countries in Europe Middle East & Africa and works with Alliance Partners in a further 9 markets.


Staples Europe centralized their support activities in Amsterdam. Product Content Management was formerly situated in the separate local business units. The centralization needed to have a new kind of organization and newly designed processes.


I implemented new processes across the internal and external organization. Set up newly designed connections with external data providers and internationalization offices. Also internal optimization of the Stibo/STEP processes were part of my responsibility. I conducted a huge data cleansing project to be able to harmonize product data from the different countries. Besides this I hired many new Staples staff to be able to facilitate the above mentioned activities.


At the end of my engagement with Staples Europe I was able to hand over the basic processes and a newly created Content department. This content departement consisted of about 30 people. Part of them where working solely in the operational field and part of them where lined up to improve and optimize the existing procedures.